ADHD Trivia: One Size Does Not Fit All

There are 18 symptoms of ADHD, not all of which apply to everyone; I believe it takes 12-15. When you account for the varying degrees to which these symptoms manifest, the different combinations of symptoms, and the life experiences which affect the lens through which we see the world, there are a LOT of faces to ADHD. We are not all hyper, we are not all spacy, we can’t all hyper focus.

In my opinion, this makes ADHD so challenging and sometimes baffling, for myself and the neurotypicals (NTs) who love me. Treatment and coaching methods need to vary, and if you’re a parent reading this, your kid may not check all the boxes, so I encourage you to learn as much as you can so you can support your own kid the best you can. You may find yourself educating others, including educators. (Actually, it’s a dream of mine to someday work with schools and give workshops/training to teachers about ADHD.)

The good news is that the more we know about how ADHD manifests in a person, the better we can tease out the strengths which are so often buried beneath the negative impact of unmanaged symptoms of this disorder. And really, who doesn’t love searching for buried treasure?


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