Now What?

“I’m a Mom with ADHD and ever since I had children, life feels unmanageable; NOW WHAT? “

“I don’t have ADHD but ever since I had my last child, I can’t seem to keep track of things the way I used to; NOW WHAT? “

“My youngest child will start Kindergarten in the Fall. I’m ready to return to work; NOW WHAT? “

“My kid was just diagnosed with ADHD; NOW WHAT? “

If you are realizing that something needs to change in your life, but  can’t seem to figure out the next step, I am the coach for you! With my strengths based approach to coaching, we’ll work together to create a personalized road map for you to get your life on track and live with greater purpose and satisfaction.

My training and background focuses on ADHD, which impacts the executive function portion of the brain.  Executive Function is a set of skills controlled by the frontal lob which help us manage time, pay attention, remember tasks and details,  create plans and execute on them, among other skills. However, stress also impacts executive function, and as exciting as change can be, it is stressful. As amazing as parenthood is, between the sleep deprivation and your toddler climbing onto the highest cabinet while you try to load the dishwasher, executive  function can take a hit.


My approach to coaching is that you already have the answers within you, we just need to dig them out. I can provide the environment for you to be able to pause and find solutions that work for you and your unique experience.

If you still have questions about the coaching process, now is a good time to check out the Frequently Asked Questions, and don’t forget to set up a complimentary coaching session by contacting me at The best way to understand the power of coaching is to experience it for yourself!